November 6, 2017

Mostly planned


There are two kinds of strategy: planned and discovered. Which is best?

A planned strategy is the one you set out to achieve. It’s built in the shower, in coffee shops, around a whiteboard, with spreadsheets, might involve table thumping. It’s thoughtful, considered, data rich. It’s … erm … the plan. The one you talk about when you talk about the future.

A discovered strategy is the one you stumble across and might even manage to post-rationalise. It’s opportunism. It’s seeing a door cracked open and pushing your way through. It’s being alive to chance and willing to shoot before aiming.

So, which is best? Mostly planned, with a little discovery along the way.

Have a plan, prioritise it, but don’t stick to it to the exclusion of all opportunity. Be open to divergent paths, but don’t do it every time the grass looks greener.

Skippy strategy: Mostly planned, but open to rainbows.