February 24, 2020

Move your feet


With a camera, the basics are all about light. The sensitivity of the sensor, the size of the aperture, the speed of the shutter. Everything else is digital manipulation. Get the basics right and the world opens up. It’s easy to obsess about the technical details: more sensitivity, better glass, finer adjustments, smoother action, this software setting, that software process.

The bigger picture, the more important picture, the actual picture … what is in the frame.

And what’s in the frame has as much to do with your feet as your eyes. It’s about being in a certain place and looking in a certain direction – technical details don’t matter – that’s the picture.

Same for you. For a moment, just one, forget about all the clever complex cantilevering of your everyday view of your world. Move your feet, change your perspective. Get a new picture.

Skippy strategy: Stop adjusting dials, get perspective.