October 18, 2021

Muscle memory


When you move to any new way or working the new way takes longer than the old way. There’s no muscle memory, there’s new instructions, what was natural is alien. It’s easy and incredibly compelling to slip back to received practices, particularly when the going gets tough. Most times that’s ok. Expediency counts. Doing the right thing sometimes means doing the right thing for someone else, even when you know it will set you back on an agreed path.

So you give yourselves a pass. You let it slide, this time.

Think of it as a weaning process. There will be mishaps and emergencies. The point is to win the long game. At the beginning, go easy, and give yourselves a break. Over time, tighten the reigns and allow few excuses. Build that muscle memory, internalise new skills, and remember the change is for a reason.

Skippy strategy: Build muscle memory.