June 29, 2018



Working with colleagues, managers, partners, suppliers, customers, (you know … anybody), sometimes means one party will be let down by the other. If it’s a single point of issue, someone will take responsibility for the fix and do whatever needs to be done to sort it out. And then everyone moves on with the rest of their day.

But what happens if it’s a long-term, never-resolving failure to live up to expectations?

Maybe it takes words – a meeting that lays out the issue, in simple and direct terms, honestly, openly. Redefine the relationship and expectations on both sides of the wire. Move ahead with new clarity and everyone pointing to the same sheet.

Maybe it takes actions – if words alone don’t work, something has to change. Add some resources, change the mix, swap-out suppliers, reorganise so expectations are met.

Skippy strategy: Start with words, use actions where necessary.