February 6, 2016

Nibble at elephants


There’s a tendency to want everything right now. Today. And if not, tomorrow for sure.

The opposing force, doing nothing about it. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Somewhere in between we organise our time. Navigating fire-fights with emergency measures with intriguing noodling with evasive manoeuvres with … the actual work.

In there somewhere are the long jobs that have no internal benefit other than getting them off the list. They’re low interest yet mandatory all the same. Like tax returns, they’re the undodge-able cost of being in the game – regulatory, external, reporting.

Two options: get on with it; or, complain about it and get on with it anyway.

Nibbling at things – five minutes a day – takes discipline, but that’s 30 hours of effort you won’t have to find at the last minute.

Skippy Strategy: Nibble at elephants.