June 8, 2018

No-hassle easy


It’s easy to give yourself a break. To take the easy, unchallenging, obvious route. 

Easy first because easy is easy, and second because it turns out to be a pretty good choice most times. Especially when the alternative is to rock the boat on unsteady water, where you’re not sure of your facts and everyone else seems far more comfortable with leaving things just the way they are. To give an easy estimate, the easy road is the right road maybe eight goes out of ten.

What about the other two?

Most of the trick is recognising the signs that this is one of those times. That easy isn’t smart and will be worst than a little hard discomfort now. A weathered eye helps.

The rest of the trick is having the gumption to do something about it; to throw down the anchor and risk the storm.

Skippy strategy: Easy isn’t always easy.