January 18, 2020

No hurry


Most times, about most things, tomorrow will be good enough. Probably the day after that and maybe in a week or a month. Mañana. Don’t sweat it, no hurry, we’ll get there, what’s the rush?

And whilst it’s true that it’s sometime not true … that it has to be today, no matter what … ”most times” is a persuasive trainer. You get used to it being ok to let things slide, even if once in a while they slide on by. (No matter, something else will be around tomorrow.)

Except when it won’t. Except when this is a one time only deal. Except when the boat is about to slip away from the dock. Except when there’s a reason for the urgency and this is something you care about.

Actually, don’t you care about everything? Actually, why not just do it today anyway? Just in case.

Skippy strategy: Get it done.