January 12, 2020

No information


It’s easy to imagine the worst when you have no information. Like when you send an email and don’t hear back. Like when it’s dark outside and you do hear noises. Like when the supplier doesn’t call, and there’s no response, and the customer goes dark, and you can’t find the manual, and the person you really really really want to talk to doesn’t seem to care.

It’s easy to imagine.

Or it could be … they’re restructuring and it hasn’t shaken out yet, or they don’t want to appear to keen, or they don’t want to seem stupid, or they’re ill, or they’re lining up some answers, or they’re dealing with a crisis, someone needs to talk to someone and that someone is on holiday.

It’s easy to imagine the worst. Stop imagining, breathe, and deal with what’s actually happening.

Skippy strategy: Prepare for what’s actually happening.