July 16, 2018

No more prat-falls


There’s always good in what you do and the way you do it. It’s good to focus on the good. To recognise and emphasise the things you do well, to talk about them, present them, reward them, incentivise them. Positive reinforcement to commit continued positive performance.

With all the good, there’s always a but. But we don’t do this as well we should, but we let ourselves down here, but the way we achieved what we achieved left a lot of room to improve.

Take on the buts. You might accept that they’ll never be a strength but you should remove them as a tripping hazard. It probably means spending more effort than you like on things that don’t come naturally. Two choices: hire someone with the skills or suck up the organisational and execution effort.

Skippy strategy: Reinforce the good, take on the buts – no more prat-falls.