September 6, 2018

No niggles


There are always seventeen (or seventeen hundred) things on your mind and only so much time or inclination to deal with them. Most mean nothing; insignificant details that roll around, demand no real attention, and have no impact on your world. A handful scream for resolution – probably based on the principle of “he who shouts loudest”, whether that’s literally, commercially, politically or whatever other -ally you’re committed to prioritise.

The rest niggle away. Remove the energy suck with two organising propositions: monitor or forget.

If there’s a risk of bad or potential for good, and you care about either, put a system in place that beeps when there’s a change in status. Think of it as a little shout.

Forget everything else until you have a day when you’re looking for distraction or entertainment.

Skippy strategy: Monitor small details so you know where the problems lurk. Until then, no niggling.