April 23, 2018

No place to quit


At the beginning of things motivation comes for free. The challenge of working things out, the thrill of getting things done, the joy of other people nodding when they see things coming together. An easy ride even when it’s hard. 

In the middle phase, it’s a slog. Where the to-dos feel like how-will-we-dos, the problems are ill-defined and the solutions evasive. You’ve lost the light of the start and can’t imagine dawn on the horizon. It’s easy to lose faith, get distracted, wander onto a different path. 

At the end, it’s a rush to the finish line. The to-dos are bitty, doable, and shrinking, the clock is the master, and long days become hard nights as you come together for the final push.

Know then that the danger is in the middle. 

It’s hard, confusing and no place to quit.

Skippy strategy: Get to the other end, then decide.