November 3, 2016

No sweat


Small stuff really is the big stuff sometimes and it’s worth obsessing over, despite its size and whatever they say. Big stuff, naturally, is big stuff, and comes with its own bucket for all the perspiration that’s dripping from the effort.

But, forgetting size, there’s still a bunch of stuff you shouldn’t sweat: whatever you can’t influence.

Sure, you should know about it. Consider it in the scheme. Model for it. Work out what it means and plan for its impact.

That’s the work – knowing how things fit together and setting strategies for when they do and when they don’t.

The work isn’t sweating the stuff you can’t affect. Stuff like exchange rates, the price of eggs, far off politics, anything that’s subject to larger forces.

Focus on the things you can influence. Everything else, one eye only.

Skippy strategy: Spend your energy where it has impact. Nowhere else.