February 29, 2020

Not aiming


There are always tough choices on resources. The calculus of where best to spend the time and people, the equipment and cash, the technology and attention to get the results you’ve committed to aim at.

The assumption is that you’ve set out the results you’re aiming at and that you’re committed to them. Oh, and the assumption that you’ll make active choices, the tough ones, about where to spend those resources.

Most assumptions are ass making and assumers make fudges, not choices. They leave it to chance, individual preferences, he who shouts loudest, or longest, or last. They fund everything a little and nothing enough.

So what are you aiming at? And if that, then what are you not aiming at? How and what will you divert away from one and towards the other? Who needs to know and what needs to go?

Skippy strategy: Taking aim also means the opposite.