May 8, 2024

Not all


We have big problems. Our customers have big problems.



Which, as we know, can only be recommended one bite at a time.

Except … not necessarily, not necessarily now, and not all by you.

Step one, understand the problem. What it is and what does it mean, how does it manifest itself, who is affected, how, is it acute or chronic, how do we manage around the issue now, what impact does that have, what resources? Look into its eyes. Not so scary.

Now you know, prioritise. What’s the smallest contiguous piece we can deal with to have a meaningful impact. What can we leave for another day? What’s the least we can do now and in what order?

Next, if it’s too much to chew on your own, who else should come to the party? When?

Skippy strategy: Bite-size portions. Dinner if possible, avoid the banquet.