April 25, 2019

Not every thing


There are eighty-two ways you could improve your product or service given enough time, people and cash to pull off the trick. Eighty-two. Some, granted, would be bigger wins. Wins worth pursuing. Which brings us back to the availability of the three resources. Where will you spend them? On enhancement X, new feature Y or solving the weakness you’ve been hiding from in Z?

There are two categories of answer. Those forced upon you, and those you choose. After spending your resources on the mandatory, the question now is less about the specific of what you choose and more about the generality of how you choose.

Not what you fancy, not what’s being shouted about by the loudest person in the room, not a lucky dip.

The things you can do at an acceptable level of quality that have the greatest leverage.

Skippy strategy: If not every thing, which thing?