September 2, 2021

Not in the way


At the start you have no plan, just a hunch that you’d like to go north, to that place you think is just over he horizon. You pick up you bag and start taking steps. Soon, the place you started is pretty far behind. Along the way, some other people join, the plan comes into some kind of focus, and obstacles keep getting in the way. You put your head down, watch for trips and traps and wade through the treacle that makes progress sticky.

Focusing a yard in front of your feet, dealing with issues, manoeuvring tactically, every obstacle has the potential to knock you off track. It’s more likely you’ll loose your way than stay on line.

Look at the compass every now and then. You don’t have to fight every battle, just the ones that are in the way.

Skippy strategy: Some obstacles are not in the way.