August 28, 2023

Not one or the other


There’s today. We need focus so things move forward and customers are satisfied and the team does its job and we need answers to questions that are getting in the way. That means being engaged in what’s happening now. Being on top of developments. Staying in and on the loop. It takes time and attention.

Then there’s tomorrow. Tomorrow is definitely coming and with it comes change. What was good today will no longer be enough. We need focus on what’s just over the horizon and what we’re going to do about it shows its head. How and what we’ll change to stay on course and build for what comes next. It takes time and attention.

Not one or the other. Both. Today and tomorrow.

Focus first on today. Make sure it’s happening the way it should.

Then tomorrow. Eyes upward. 


Every day.

Skippy strategy: Today and tomorrow.