August 18, 2019

Not this minute


Despite all the plans and the prioritisation discipline – sometimes the time is now. Something you hadn’t thought of five minutes ago forces its way to the top of your agenda and demands attention, now now.

The question isn’t whether that’s a good thing or not – it’s a reality. It happens. Emergencies, imperatives, customers turned up to eleven.

The question is making sure that this is indeed one of those realities … rather than just another one of those other times when something seems like it’s screaming but really it’s more like an annoying notification from an important but too self centred app.

Most times, yes, you need to know. Yes, it’s a link in a chain. And no, you don’t need to swing your day around to deal with it. Not this minute.

Skippy strategy: Is it the new top-top now-now priority, or something to slot in with a bit more thought?