October 19, 2017

Not today


There are subjects and conversations you need to have today – because they’re important – that you won’t have today – because they’re too important and there’s no way you can give them the respect or time they deserve. Not today. Not this week.

So when?

When do you have enough time to work out the knotty problems, deal with the real issues, get to the bottom of things, make the tough decisions? When can you find the space in your diary to deal with root causes and set out the plan for moving to the next level? When will the urgent things move aside so the important things get addressed?

Not while you carry on behaving how you have; deprioritising the difficult-important things only you can do, for the simply-urgent things you could delegate to anyone in the room.

Skippy strategy: Organise to give the important things the priority they deserve.