October 28, 2020

Not whilst

Wall of Death

There’s no doubt that it can be compelling to look at all the things you don’t do, all the businesses you don’t run, all the products and services you don’t deliver, and think there may be opportunity there. And it’s only half a hop to imagine that, overwhelmed with all the complexity and nuance you have to deal with every day, that the grass must be a little longer and a little lusher in those other pastures.

Sometimes the opportunity is now or never, but not often. Most times, it’s just an itch that you scratch at. And most times, it’s just a distraction. If it gets deeper, and it’s no longer an if but a how, force yourself to put a when in the calculus.

When … you’re no longer overwhelmed with complexity and nuance. Not whilst.

Skippy strategy: It isn’t about opportunity, it’s almost entirely about space.