April 14, 2024

Nowhere you want


That bullet … bite it.

There are always things you know you need to do but come up with excuses and reasons why now is not the time. Maybe it’s the moon, more likely it’s those damn ducks you’re putting zero effort into lining up.

So you soft shoe the conversation you need to have, just in case.

So you tap dance around the issue of underwhelming attitude from your supplier.

So you waltz past the pictures on the pin board every morning.

Your justification? It’s ok. We can manage.

The problem with that answer? When your people see you ignoring the issues, they take a licence to ignore their own. And all of you slide a little down the slippery slope. And a little more. And a little more.

Where does that slide take you? Nowhere you want.

Skippy strategy: Bite those bullets, as soon as you know they’re there.