June 24, 2021

Nudging up


It’s definitely possible to wriggle your way ahead. Nudging up to obstacles and opportunities and making tactical, path of least resistance decisions on which way to go. Of course, you’ll end up where you end up, which may or may not be where you’d have chosen to go, but that’s ok, because you didn’t chooses to go in any particular direction. And who knows, maybe where you end up will be pretty nice, and maybe the journey that takes you there will be full of great views and open plains. It’s possible.

Alternatively, you can go into every meeting with a pretty good idea of where you want it to go. That doesn’t mean ignoring obstacles or limiting opportunities, but it does mean that when you come across either one, you’ll have something to compare them with and metric to help decisions.

Skippy strategy: Have an idea of where you’re heading.