June 16, 2017

Numbers to plans


It’s a cycle so it doesn’t matter where you start.

Numbers to plans – you have a target, any target that’s measurable (like all good targets were born to be), it could be a sales forecast or a deadline or a price-point or a budget or a hiring quota or … whatever matters on your path from here to there.

And then you turn the target into a plan: to hit the target, we will do A and B and C.

Plans to numbers – you have a plan, any plan that’s designed to bridge the gap and deal with the obstacles you’re likely to find on the way (like all goods plans dream of being).

And then you turn the plan into measurable milestones – like … we’ll be there by then.

And repeat.

Numbers to plans to numbers to plans.

Skippy strategy: Every step with a target. Granular detail. Right down to today.