November 7, 2021

Ok to wobble


It’s ok to wobble. It’s ok to have doubts that you’re doing the right thing or pursuing the right process. It’s ok to question how things are going and whether you have the right team. It’s good to review and consider and think again.

It’s more than ok.

It’s the only way to learn and course correct.

The alternative – keep on carrying on, blindly following the course you thought was correct before you knew how it would go and before you found yourself here – is the same as acting on blind faith that there’s no elbow curves or roadblocks ahead. Better to slow down and study the road than end up in a hedge or hitting a tree.

Wobbling, considering, thinking again – as long as it’s all course correction and not paralysis – might just be the steadiest way forward after all.

Skippy strategy: Use every wobble to course correct.