February 15, 2020

Old confusions


There are lots of clever and technology driven ways to improve collaboration. All the tools to tie people to tasks, and manage projects, and share documents, and enable chat, and follow relationships, and express data, and maintain contact, and gather requirements, and share resources and any other thing you’d like to do with your fellow human beings.

All that, and somehow we spend a lot of time wondering what’s going on and discussing whether there’s a better way to keep on top of things. 

Modern spins on old confusions.

The old solutions still work, and are sometimes better than the new confusions.

To find out what’s going on … talk to your team.

To work out a better … gather your team and talk it out, use a whiteboard. Find the connections, the blockers, the cul de sacs.Reroute.

Skippy strategy: Gather your team and work it out, the old fashioned way.