May 15, 2020

Old promises and new


Here’s a rhyme for you … bored with the day-to-day, thrilled by the new, you have to commit to follow through.

The point, either way, the not so secret is getting to conclusions.

With the day-to-day – you know, those things that actually pay the bills and keep the most of the in gainful employment – that means keeping your eyes on the measurable and put enough attention that everyone else pays enough attention.

With the thrilling new things – you know, those things that just may, possibly, if we have a following wind and a heap of good luck and timing may actually grow the team and keep everyone busy and excited for years – that also means keeping your eyes firmly on deliverables and value and your attention on navigating the route from here to there.

Follow through is the only way to deliver, on old promises and new.

Skippy strategy: Follow through.