March 12, 2016

On divergence


Things come along. Interesting things. Things that take you away from the main line.

With your head down, looking barely a step ahead of your toes, it’s possible to miss how divergent they are.

When you’re struggling – for progress, people, funding, joy – and the new thing promises an easier path, you might run towards divergence as a welcome distraction.

Problem is … get too far off the map and it’s difficult to find your way back.

Look out for forks in the road. Make active choices. If you’re still committed to the first idea, make the divergence into an alternative path around a big ol’ tree – bringing you naturally back on track, and a little further ahead.

Ask, How can it help?, not, How can I do that and/then do this?

Skippy strategy: It’s very tempting-ness is the first sign of divergence. Tread carefully.