May 18, 2022

On point


Just for today, let’s not use the word responsible – as in, who is responsible for this thing. Just for today, allow that some people find responsible fits beside accountable which fits too close to blame when things go wrong. Just for today, let’s not ask who is responsible? Just for today, let’s ask who is on point?

Who is at the head of our team? Cajoling, nudging, encouraging, gathering, clarifying, putting down breadcrumbs, pointing at milestones, guiding and demanding, thanking and highlighting? Who do we turn to when we need to know, when we want to coordinate our teams with theirs, when we’re checking in or volunteering to help?

Just for today, let’s acknowledge all the positives of having a single point or reference, someone who knows, someone who cares and is prepared to stand up and be counted.

Skippy strategy: If responsible feels like a negative, be on point.