May 22, 2018

On the chin


When you or your team is criticised … what to do with the criticism?

Take it on the chin – reasonable or not, there’s no upside to reacting negatively. Forget finger pointing and name calling. Take responsibility, listen to what they have to say and do what you can to make things right. 

Learn from it – criticism comes from somewhere so put that place in plain sight. If you’re culpable, work out how it happened and what you can do to stop a repeat performance. If not, see what you can do to set clearer expectations for the kind of people who make unreasonable demands.

Put the steps in place – when you know what you can do different, do the doing. Fix the systemic problems, create measures and management, set expectations.

When you or your team is criticised … what not to do … wilt.

Skippy strategy: Take criticism is as crackling little learning opportunity.