July 17, 2020

On the knuckle


There’s a balance. On the knuckle. On one end of the beam, the ultimate plan, everything that’s possible considered and fully thought through, the perfect solution with all the t’s crossed and the i’s winking just like they should. On the other, one step back from chaos, getting away with it, winging it, managing to make progress without too many pratfalls.

Too much of one, plenty of meetings and powerpoint but absolutely no progress. Too much of the other, naivety, risk, go-arounds and plenty of loss of face, or respect.

So the game is to pick your balance point. How much planning do you have to do without going too far, how much action can you take without digging yourself into a hole.

The answer … plan, act, plan, act … tap-dancing your way up and down the beam until you find the knuckle.

Skippy strategy: Action and planning and action and planning.