December 8, 2020

One good objective


How’s it work for you when you start the day with no particular objective, no plan, nothing specific in your diary and only a vague idea of any kind of to-to list?

My guess: a little bit of email, deal with whatever comes through your door, a few conversations, drift into a meeting or two, breath in breath out, close down your laptop and segue neatly to an unstructured evening.

Looking back, my next guess is that you’ll find you’ve achieved, erm, not very much. You’ve used up the day, nudged a couple of things a little way down the road, fought a fire or two, and generally had a pleasant enough but unproductive day.

Nothing wrong with a little unproductiveness, every day even, but not all day, not as a standard MO, not here.

Skippy strategy: Start with at least one good objective, then follow through on it.