December 17, 2017

One snowball


It’s so tempting. To pursue multiple options with equal attention, to spread our bets, to hedge choice A with choice B – playing both hands – in the hope that if one doesn’t pay off, the other surely will. That we’ll look more attractive because we’re broader and we’ll be safer because we’ve spread our risk. And a bonus: we’ll keep everybody happy as they pursue their personal preferences – each to their own technology, market, location, option.

It might work … it’s possible that from the outside, our customer will appreciate the generalist approach, that rolling two snowballs in different fields will somehow make more sense than rolling them in one … probably not though.

If you operate in any field that benefits from any kind of snowball effect, roll your snowballs one at a time. Make a choice, and make it work.

Skippy strategy: For most progress … one snowball at a time.