December 22, 2018

One tyre


As scrappy startups – which describes every beginning of every project inside or outside of every organisation – we all have to roll with the punches a little. And the punches come thick and fast whenever you’re dealing with earlier decisions, vested interests, competitive pressures, indifference, wilful ignorance and a functioning ecosystem that sees nothing positive in your big idea rocking their status quo.

It’s tempting to rail against it all. To point out the injustices and inaccuracies, to rant about the ranters, to get frustrated and then get mad and then try to get even. It’s easy to lose yourself  trying to win unwinnable arguments. To give up and storm out and take your ball home.

Or you could spend your efforts finding the willing. Building a coalition in a corner and load up on provisions one tyre at a time.

Skippy strategy: Get comfortable with the scrap.