September 10, 2021

Only say Yes


If you’re the kind of team that works hard and gets things done, yet you never seem to get the big things done because you’re so busy working hard on the day-to-day, tactically-important and urgently-pressing small things, there’s one of two problems.

Either you’re giving yourself an easy ride saying you’re too busy but you’re just not committed to the big things in the first place, or you’re so full of good intentions that you say Yes and put things on your list that, if you considered the other things you’re already committed to, you know you’ll never have time for.

Both of these situations are bad. Bad because the big things don’t get done, bad because you’re deluding yourself and the people around you, and bad because you’re teaching that commitments mean nothing.

Skippy strategy: As a team, as a leader, only say Yes if you mean it.