October 9, 2019

Orange sky


There’s the things we’re working on now. Immediate priorities for immediate needs. Customers are asking for it, the development team are working on it, our inbox is full of it. Chances are, tomorrow will bring us progress and one step closer. It happens because you have no choice.

Then there’s the thing you’re teeing up. The sales pipeline, the not-quite blue-sky thinking you do in the shower, the second-tier development projects, the possibilities that get nudged along in the ten minutes you have when you’re not working on what you’re working on now. It happens when you have a choice.

And then there’s the one-day orange-sky projects. The things you barely dare think about, never say out loud and put no direct effort into bringing in to the world. Truth: it only happens if you make it.

Skippy strategy: Take time out, a decent chunk, to take steps towards the wow.