August 9, 2019

Out of trouble


When we find ourselves in difficulty, there’s usually someone who can help. If the problem is a short-term lack, like in capacity, missing skills or experience, unusual knowledge, or anything else that we need today but not for too many tomorrows … our smart next step is to hire a contractor to do the heavy lifting. If the difficulty looks like it’ll take longer, smarter to find a permanent someone.

But, some pains that can be fixed by people are systems based issues. Like lack of process, lack of discipline, lack of structure or hand-offs or management or follow through.

You can hire your way out of these troubles. But it’s expensive and doesn’t deal with the cause. (Which mean it’ll be even more expensive tomorrow).

Short-term relief may be necessary, but long-term … deal with the issue at its heart.

Skippy strategy: Buying your way out of trouble, isn’t always the way out of trouble.