October 14, 2017

Outside the citadel


We’re doing great.

We’re breaking new ground whilst tilling the old, building new products whilst maintaining all the the good stuff that keeps the money flowing. Dealing with people problems as soon as they come up and bringing in new people whilst hanging on to all the amazing motivated people we already have. Strategising and reviewing and progressing and meeting and updating and doing all the things that keep the wheels turning.

All that. All the day-to-day things that come across our desk without raising our eyes to look outside the citadel. Where the customers are. Where the people who rely on us sit, looking back, wondering what we’re up to and why we don’t talk to them any more.

So talk to them.

Make sure all that internal stuff is connected to the people who pay the bills.

Skippy strategy: Pick up the phone. Focus outward.