June 5, 2017

People say things


People say things.

Sometimes they say things you like. It’s easy to agree. And then you’re on to the next thing. And the next. Assuming there’s some action after the agreement, progress moves at pace.

Sometimes they say things you don’t like. Sometimes you’re in the kind of mood or have the kind or relationship where you put a negative spin on almost everything they say. And progress slows. And sometimes it stops.

Progress comes first from agrement that’s then followed by action.

But you can’t agree everything, just for an easy life.

You can eliminate disagreement that’s based on bad moods and difficult relationships.

How: change how you listen.

Listen with a generous spirit. Hear what they’re saying with an outlook of agreement, with a view to opening up and finding a path that works for everyone.

Open, not closed.

Skippy strategy: With generosity, find the way forward.