March 1, 2016

Peripheral vision


Getting things done means spending time and attention. Whilst it’s not linear and there’s a quality variable thrown in, the more time and attention you spend, the more you get done.

Part of the game is narrowing your focus – the tighter the circle, the greater the influence.

It’s tempting for those around you to help your focus, making choices about what you need to know and what to leave in the shadows.

It’s a nice idea but it’s not always smart.

Working in a team, you have to know about the other moving parts. Not the detail, not so you have to bend your attention, not to the point of distraction.

Make sure you know enough – that your piece is coherent and cohesive with all the all the others – how the bricks all fit together.

Skippy Strategy: Even with your head down, turn on peripheral vision.