January 22, 2016

Personal commitments


What to do about the commitments we make to ourselves?

Let them slide in favour of promises to others, or treat them as sacrosanct?

It’s easier to squeeze ourselves than others because no one gives us a hard time. That thing we were going to get done, just doesn’t happen. Nobody rants. Nobody holds us to account or chews us out. There’s always another day.

The hard choice is to make every commitment serious.

Don’t say Yes or put new things in your diary if it means dropping a ball, any ball.

When you assign time, protect it.

Easy to say, impossible to do – but not impossible every time.

Juggle. Treat internal commitments like a fixed point in the jigsaw – move the other pieces around for a change.

Skippy Strategy: Respect your to-do list, don’t trash it at the sound of every siren.