February 20, 2020

Phase shift


What’s missed is that every time you move a thing from one phase to the next, there’s a transition. And it can be smooth or lumping-stumping interminable and all things in between. The difference is respecting the phase shift.

A project transitioning from proof of concept to working prototype to enterprise ready gains weight and mass and process and discipline at every stage. Try to work with phase two ingenuity with phase one agility or phase three governance? Trouble.

Moving from field sales to business lead means taking on the internal stresses previously unencountered.

Taking the product from the development team to the customer table means removing rough edges and wrapping in ribbon.

Manoeuvring from brief to design to plan to production to test to delivery – everyone has different demands and assumptions.

The only way? Meet their expectations.

Skippy strategy: Whenever you transition anything, give them what they need.