September 30, 2016

Piece by piece


The answer rarely comes fully formed. It’s wriggles it’s way into the light.

The reliable tools:

Conversation – Swing your chairs around and talk it out. Bring customers and partners and smart cookies into the room. Fire up the white board. Repeat.

Fiddling – Noodling. Poking things around until they make meaningful shapes and usable patterns. Again.

Application – Work the problem. Don’t stop with a viable answer, work it some more. Iterate.

Noticing – A half seen reflection. Hidden in plain sight. A funky stupid brilliant comment you nearly missed. One more time.

Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, piece by piece, the picture emerges … can you see it? … here it comes.

The danger isn’t finding no answer, it’s jumping on the first one that kinda sorta maybe fits.

Keep looking in the tree until you’ve found the missing pieces.

Skippy strategy: Bring the pieces together. Relentless.