February 6, 2021

Piece of string


You can’t just hit Send, and forget – tie everything to a little piece of string.

In other words … follow up. It would be lovely if you didn’t have to. It would be lovely if everybody and everything always played out exactly as imagined. It would be lovely if C followed B followed A every time in every way. Back here in the real world, no. 

If you don’t follow up you’re leaving yourselves in the hands, and your immediate future at the mercy, of others.

Which is easier and higher risk.

So which do you want? An easy life where things may or may not go they way you hoped, or a slightly more involved life where you know what’s going on and have the opportunity to nudge things back into line when they look to be wandering off track.

Skippy strategy: The shortest, surest path loops around a follow up.