January 19, 2019

Play their way


You have your way of doing things, and they have theirs.

It would be great, easy, quick, simple if both ways were exactly the same. If the standards matched. If all the gears clunked nicely in to place whenever they wanted something – something you already had and in the right format too.

It doesn’t happen. 

Most likely … they want things, or want things done, that you don’t have and would never do that way. 

Which means you have a choice. Option 1 – Kick as cuss about it, scream and should and refuse to do it, and slowly-slowly get dragged back in line or get kicked out. Option 2 – Play their way, but gracefully and with a good heart, knowing that it’s a means to and end that you care about. Option 3 – walk away.

1 wastes energy, 2 is smart, 3 sometimes.

Skippy strategy: Don’t waste energy kicking and cussing.