January 22, 2017

Playing catch


If there’s ever a time when thing go wrong, it when those things are passed along.

When Product sends their baby to Marketing.

When the installers hand over to Operations.

When the start-up brings in new management.

Anytime procurement get involved.

Best case, delays and confusion whilst everyone gets their finger on the page. Worst case, things come crashing down.

Anytime you bring someone new to the table or pass something along the line, the game is Catch. As the thrower, make a gentle pass that falls into their hands and is easy to hold on to. As the receiver, set your feet, watch the ball and cushion the landing.

And the other way. As thrower, make sure they’re ready and willing and looking your way. As receiver, tell them where and when you want it.

Nobody’s allowed to blame the other guy.

Skippy strategy: Both sides, safe hands.