October 26, 2022

Plugs the holes


There’s the graft of getting it done. Version 1 – the least you can do before taking it out to meet the world. Then there’s more graft as you remove the scaffolding and make it really stand up on its own. Still version 1, but more of a whole thing. More of the kinda/sorta finished article you had in mind.

And you can keep on adding. Something that appeals to this corner of the market, something for that group over there, something that plugs the holes and patches the weakness.

Or … before adding and adding and adding at the risk of a Frankenstein, you can optimise. Smooth out the kinks, go back to re-do what you know needs re-doing, replace short-term fixes with long-term solutions.

You might call it optimising, you might call it solidifying. 

What you’re really doing … acting professionally.

Skippy strategy: Optimal, solid, professional.