January 5, 2021

Pointing north


Some people are extremely good at filling their day with meaningful ways of tearing up trees, adding value, and moving the dial. They’re the kind of people we want on our team but, reality, they’re rare beasts. Leave them entirely on their own and good things will happen – not necessarily exactly what you’d want to happen, but good all the same. The thing they’re missing, direction. Go there, let me know when you’ve made it.

Most teams, certainly on day one, are heavier with people who need more directional guidance, more encouragement, more accountability, more management. Leave them on their own and sooner or later, they’ll grind to a halt. Either because they don’t know what to do or they think nobody’s looking.

The job, with either group, is to apply just enough of whatever they need to keep them pointing and moving north.

Skippy strategy: Keep them pointing north.