February 14, 2016

Preparation nation


Yes, you can wing it.

You can walk into the room with the barest understanding of specifics, relying on experience and quick feet to tap dance you way to the other side. You might not see the curve ball coming – but you might. Nuances might slip by, details fly under the radar – or not. Maybe you’ll drop the ball you didn’t see coming.

Could be you miss opportunity knocking as you’re rushing to catch up with the rhythm – half a beat behind. Missed it.

Or, you can prep it.

Have the pre-meeting meeting. Wrangle the ducks into nice neat rows. Set up the beacons so you know what’s happening, in real time, with full understanding.

The difference: one takes things for granted, the other takes things seriously and gives them the respect they deserve.

Skippy Strategy: Whether you’re investing time or money or effort? Preparation might be the whole game.