November 26, 2016

Primary resource


If it takes two people ten minutes to fill a bath with water … how long will it take us to finish our project?

It depends on the availability of the four resources – time, people, cash, knowns – and two assumptions.

Assumption – the project is well defined. Without this, it takes as long as it takes until the project becomes defined, and then long enough to actually deliver given the availability of resources.

Assumption – the resources are not unlimited. Schedules can be accelerated by more cash, people (to a point) and knowns but the clock never stops ticking.

When time it the ultimate limiter, the fastest route to the finish line is: define the project early, limit the scope.

When something else is a limiter, the easiest route: define the project early, limit the scope.

In other words: define early, limit scope.

Skippy strategy: The primary resource: knowing what you want.