September 11, 2021

Pulling the winch


If you’re frustrated that there’s someone on your team who isn’t pulling the winch the way you want them to, there’s likely one of two obvious causes.

Maybe it’s them. Maybe they’ve lost their mojo or are lacking the technical skill, maybe they’re overcommitted or have reprioritised other tasks over this one, maybe they’re researching and have lost track of time, maybe they’re deep in the weeds on this one but are soon to pull a rabbit out of the bushes, maybe they don’t agree it needs doing in the first place.

Maybe it’s you. Maybe they don’t know you want them to do this thing because you haven’t told them, maybe you haven’t given them a deadline or explained where it fits into the wider context, maybe you’ve given them tasks in the past but then lost interest.

Skippy strategy: If something is lost in translation, maybe you need to talk.